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Building Trust

In a 2014 study, AutoMD found that 83% of consumers felt overcharged in the auto repair process. It was also said most people preferred to visit the dentist than get auto repairs completed – with more women preferring the dentist. But why do consumers feel this way? It’s because they have serious issues with trust! Between the local news reports investigating auto repair consumer fraud every week and the stories about struggling moms in minivans who were charged an outrageous amount, you’ve got consumers working against you every time they step into your shop. In fact, the BBB received more than 2 million complaints about tire & auto repair businesses in 1 year alone. And most of those complaints were from individuals who counted on a shop to provide good work at a fair provide and had their trust violated. So the question is, what can YOU do about it!?

It is said that having a clear price in advance ranked much higher than customer service and speedy repairs as to what they valued most.

Not only is it crucial to provide upfront pricing when it comes to your customers, it’s also about building trust in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at some of the top trust-building tactics to help your customers feel at ease every time they step into your shop:

Reputation – third party experiences are the end all be all! Get those positive reviews! Ask for them on Google+, Yelp & Facebook. Upwards of 80% of people rely on reviews before choosing a business.

One Price – Don’t nickel and dime! Be transparent in your pricing & even over-communicate the details – that way there are no surprises.

Clear Communication – Avoid ‘guestimates’! Try your best to provide clear & itemized details of the work required.

Training – Get on board with those tire manufacturer training’s that focus on sales & customer interactions. Your employees will greatly benefit!

Cost Calculator – It is said that websites should have a list of possible price ranges for each service… if this is something you’d like to test out, just let us know!

Walk Them Through It – A shop manager that sticks out to me, Katy does a really good job with this, or at least I see it in the shop’s online reviews. Give them 3 selections – 1. What needs to be done now 2. What can wait for just a little while but is still important 3. The cheapest way to get it all done & a suggested timeline

Increase transparency – If possible, add windows looking into the bays – people want to see what’s happening with their vehicles. Or invite consumers to safely come into the repair area to take a look first-hand at the repairs being performed.

Do you have additional ideas for our tire dealer network on building trust? Let us know and we will include them! Contact your account manager or Upright Tire for more trust-building tactics!

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