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Build Customer Loyalty with these Six Steps!

Build Customer Loyalty with these Six Steps!

It is important for any business to separate themselves from the competition. There are plenty of choices where customers can get their tires and their vehicle serviced. You can set yourself apart from the competitor by following these six steps.

  1. Become a trusted adviser, not a sales person. Break down the barriers of the sales person stereotype. This can be done by simply greeting a customer within 30 seconds of their entrance to your shop. Even if you are busy and there is a customer in front of you, be sure to address the new customer with a simple, “Hi! Welcome to Stinkin’ Fast Automotive, we will be with you in just a moment!” Get to know the customer and refer to them on a first name basis. Building a relationship with them before you even diagnose the situation.
  2. Put the power in the consumer’s hands! We live in a society that is, ‘always on.’ A lot of this has to do with the evolution of the Internet, and that is perfectly fine! You can give consumers the power by having a website that is informative about tires and auto services. Educating them on a topic that may be foreign to them will also help build the relationship between the company & the customer.
  3. Quick service & delivery! Consumers may not like waiting a couple of days for a part to arrive to repair their vehicle. They want their vehicle to be serviced in a prompt time frame and waiting a day or two may spark them to visit other repair shops. According to Forrester’s Understanding Customer Service Satisfaction 2012 report, 66 percent of online consumers reported that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. Get with your inventory management team to see how you can always stay stocked on supplies.
  4. Extend the experience beyond the visit. Keeping the communication between the consumer and you is important to maintain the relationship. This can be done easily with a monthly newsletter promotion. Your account manager can help implement the monthly newsletter if you don’t currently have one in place. Also, sending a thank you e-mail, call or letter can go a long way. Don’t try to sell them something in your thank you letter, which negates the thank you!
  5. Provide a 360 view! Being able to reference past services the customer received with your shop will not only save YOU time but it will build the relationship! Along with keeping track of past services for a particular customer, link their spouses or children’s vehicle’s in the same file. This will also help build the relationship. It will give you more information about your customer! You could even say, “How is Jane doing? She may need a tire rotation soon, just a heads up. The Focus received its tires about 5 months ago.”
  6. Improve the waiting area! Remember the blog post on Waiting Room Etiquette?  We believe that the waiting room is a very important element of your auto shop. Here is why: while you are busy working, the customers have a lot of down time in the waiting area. They have more time to look around and evaluate. They will notice if coffee station is a bit dirty, if there is dust on the baseboards and if there are inappropriate drawings in the magazines. Be certain to freshen up the waiting room area and implement a ‘tidy Tuesday’ where each staff member does some sort of cleaning (dusting, polishing, thumb through magazines for drawings, etc.). This can really make a difference!

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