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Branding Your Tire Business

A big part of your business’ success is branding. When consumers look at your business, they don’t care about what you do and how you do it. They care about why you’re doing what you do. According to an Edelman brand-share survey, 87% of people want a meaningful relationship with brands, but only 17% think brands are actually delivering. As a business, you have to sell your story before you can sell your product. Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can humanize your tire business.

Identify Your Company’s Values

Brand values are values that your brand was founded on & can’t be without. They are the very essence of your company. What makes you you? Take a minute to think about why you started your business. Identify 3-5 core values that your company was built on and start to weave a story behind them.

Pinpoint Your Company’s Vision

Start to outline what you aim to accomplish with your brand. This leads right into your brand’s story – and yes, every company has one. Without a story base, brand messaging risks being inconsistent, confusing, and sometimes even contradictory. A brand story can be extremely effective – especially for a smaller company, where it is more likely to be perceived as authentic and real.

Create Content That Tells Your Story

When you’ve got your company’s values and vision down, that’s where we step in. Upright Communications can help create content to tell your story in a genuine light. All the content we create will be perfectly in line with your values and vision. Always remember that the most important thing for your business is being as authentic as possible – after all, earning brand loyalty is the most important thing for your business. 73% of customers will even spend more money if they love your brand!

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