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Boosting Shop Morale

There have been countless studies & perspectives shared stating that there is a direct relationship between keeping employees happy and getting the best out of them. However, the way in which you achieve that can be difficult. Sometimes, in order to raise shop morale, you have to get creative.

Let’s take a look at the 4 ways that Tire Review suggested where shop owners can lift employee spirits & better yet create a happier & more productive environment. 


People are driven by different things. As we all have experienced, every person has different values, goals & motivations that keeps them going. Being available & keeping your office door open can lead to great opportunities. Not only is listening a chance to understand what you can do to keep employees happy, it also leads to a feeling of shared responsibility. That tends to create a more positive morale within the shop.

Get Positive

I tend to feel this way with our landlord… I only contact them when something goes wrong…While that’s not ideal, I think you can appreciate this next tip… If employees come to associate your presence with something going wrong (like my landlord does with me), they may feel extremely frustrated at the thought of talking with the ‘boss’. Consider calling attention to even the smallest of victories! You’d be surprised at how much this means to them. I just heard from my co-worker, Erin the other day that she has never felt more appreciated at a job until she started working with Upright over 10 years ago. I am so happy she feels that way and I think you’d feel the same for your own employees.

The Atmosphere

People respond to their surroundings. We can all appreciate that tire shops may not be compared to a luxury spa, there could be opportunities to spruce the joint up a bit. Heck, you’d be surprised what a good scrub and fresh coat of paint could do. The look and feel of your shop not only can effect the morale of your employees, but it can also leave a mark on your customers. When we check your reviews on Friday’s, I’m always amazed by how many folks mention ‘clean waiting room’, etc. It matters! Just check out what these folks said to a couple of the dealers in our tire dealer network – 

Plan Wisely

If you do partake in team building activities, it’s important to do it right! For example, one of our dealers closes the shop down, one Saturday a year, to celebrate their employees. It’s a huge, much anticipated event. While they’ve taken the time to perfect it, it’s important to realize that it takes planning. Nothing is worse than spending time with a whole group of people during a poorly thought-out exercise. Figure out what kind of activities folks enjoy, discover what motivates them and get those people excited!

Many of you may be doing these ideas already within your shop! Keep up the fantastic work. If you’re doing something right within your own shop & shop morale, let us know so we can share with our network. Sharing is caring!

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