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Book Now on Google My Business

New Google My Business Feature Alert! Rolling out to businesses just like you over the next several months.

Back in July, Google started adding ‘booking buttons’ to some local business results. As they’ve seen successes with the ‘test group’ of businesses, we are seeing that Google is opening that functionality up to even more local businesses

We have checked a handful of accounts and have not seen the new button in the console that says ‘sign up for bookings’. However, we will keep checking back! When it does roll out to you, we will have to do some experimenting. And the reason for this experimenting is because you have to be a part of one of their booking partners in order for it to work. So we’re not sure how many of you are already associated with these platforms or if you have any desire to be a part of them.

Below are the booking services provided by Google.

Book Now on Google My Business

However, if your business is already associated with one of these booking services, once you connect your Google My Business account with the service, it should be working within a few days. Google My Business will then show you your bookings, how much money you made on those bookings and insight into each individual booking as well.

I will say, since Google My Business is playing a major role in local businesses successes, it may be interesting for you to consider signing up for an actual booking service that they are partnered with to help you get even more business. Like I always say, ‘If Google is offering a new feature, it will only HELP you to use it’…. Definitely wouldn’t hurt. Just throwing that out there.

Until then, we will keep you in the loop.

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