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Asking the RIGHT Questions

It’s crucial for you to ask the right questions, in the right way, in the right order for all the right reasons!  When helping customers select tires & auto service for their vehicles, you want to make sure that your questions will yield the maximum benefit for the customer AND you!

You would never open with this question, “Will you be paying with a Visa today?” The right questions, in the right order, will make all the difference.

One of the important, principal reasons we ask questions is to establish a good rapport and overall trust! Studies time and time again show that customers place more emphasis on feelings than facts when making decisions (did you know that?). How the customer feels about you is more important than what you say. When you ask questions about the customer, their family and even their hobbies, you are establishing a rapport.  Remember, people love to talk about themselves, their family and often their hobbies, so when you respond to their comments in a good way, they feel like they know you!  Their overall feelings about you will greatly affect the likelihood of them purchasing from you.

‘Taking their temperature’ is a great way to better understand what the customer is thinking!  The popular ‘How’s ZAT sound?’ method requires the customer to affirm or deny your recommendations!  Those are often floater questions, so you can gauge where to go with the customer and their experience at your shop.

Follow-up questions are great for checking where the customer is in the buying process. A good follow-up question is best offered in the affirmative. For example, “I heard you say that you were interested in an affordable, long lasting tire; is that right?” The customer answers in the affirmative and could give you more information as you move toward your closing questions.

Two facts to remember:

  • Don’t ask questions just to ask them! Each and every one should have a purpose!
  • If the customer asks more questions than you, you may not be in control of the situation.

Have advice for us to share with our dealer network regarding the ‘right questions’?  Be sure to contact your account manager.

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