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Are You Asking for Reviews?

Reviews are so important for your business. Customers are always inclined to write reviews for businesses they love. All you have to do is simply ask the happy customer to leave your business a review on Google or Facebook. If they don’t have either platform, simply encourage them to write a review on any platform they wish. Google and Facebook are prime review real estate but in the end, any review on any platform is helpful.

There isn’t a need to worry about negative reviews. Sure, there are people that you cannot please no matter how hard you try. They may write a negative review and that’s fine. At Upright Communications, we respond to all reviews and we take the negative ones seriously. We help form the best response for your review and that’s your chance for a rebuttal.

Here are a few lines to help you ask for reviews:

  • Hey, ________, thanks so much for visiting us today. I’m happy we could solve your problem. If you wouldn’t mind, could you leave us a review on Google or Facebook and share your experience with others, that’d be awesome.
  • I’m so happy that we could take care of your vehicle today. Would you be willing to let other people know about your experience today? You could leave a quick review on Google or Facebook.
  • I love helping people get back on the road. If you wouldn’t mind, could you let other people know on cyber space about your experience today? You could leave a quick review on Facebook or Google!

It may feel a bit awkward to ask for a review but if you don’t ask, you may not get a lot. Start by asking people for a review that you know are super happy with their visit. Ask those who you ‘vibe’ well with and they’ll be more inclined to help.

Count on Upright Tire for helpful online marketing tips!

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