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APP-solute Overload! How to Spring Clean and Tame Your Tech!

“There’s an App for that.”

I am sure you recognize the brand or at least the phrase that Apple set as a large advertising campaign in 2009. But it is the truth, today it seems like there is an app, widget, calendar for everything not to mention the overwhelming amount of games, social media, and new sources all in the palm of your hand.

How do we manage organization in a world that is constantly updating, uploading and upgrading? Here are a few solutions to tame your tech:

  • Spring CLEAN!

Like a closet or a garage; your phones, emails, computers need to be cleaned out and organized twice a year. Take the time, an hour or so, in the spring and the fall to:

Delete old emails, organize important information into folders within your email platform

Organize photos by uploading and storing them to your computer (back up the information) and set them into albums with dates, or locations or event names

  • Unload your Apps

Go through applications on your phone and remove the ones you no longer utilize! Research the top apps to see if any new apps have been released that can be more helpful to you than your current app and update your current apps if you are satisfied with them.

  • Donate or safely dispose of old technology

That old computer from college you have sitting in your closet? Get rid of it! Take it to a local technology shop and see if they can retrieve and store the old information and safely dispose of the machinery. If there is an old camera or cell phone, see if you are able to donate the device to a charity or local education program.

  • Stop procrastinating that update!

When your phone, computer or any type of device prompts an update, DO IT! Leaving it until tomorrow can lead to a pile up of updates, leaving you feeling overwhelmed! Update right away so that the updates are in small increments & it keeps your phone working and up to date!

  • Time-Out

Take a time out from all technology! It’s okay to set boundaries in your personal time, I promise your cell phone will not take offense. Try an hour activity out of the house without any technology, or just turn it all off for a period of time to give yourself a break.

  • Enjoy it!

Use the glass half full approach! Remember, technology is an amazing, wonderful thing that has changed our world. Enjoy it! You have the power to control your interaction so enjoy that you can easily text or email a family member, or e-mail your boss instead of having that face-to-face meeting.

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