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Accurate Google My Business Listing is Key this Holiday Season

Local listings have and always will be important but they are extra important during the holiday season. The most popular listing service on the internet is Google My Business listings. If you are a client of ours, do not worry, we’ve already taken care of claiming, optimizing and prepared your listing this holiday season. If you are unsure if your listing is claimed or optimized, then we need to get started to prepare you for the holiday season!

The listing is extra important during the holidays because of important information to consider adding. Google My Business will let you add custom holiday hours so that potential customers can quickly determine if your business is either open or closed. It will also be important to tend to the reviews on your listing as viewers are taking reviews into consideration more than ever. Responding to reviews is very helpful to nurturing your business. Another aspect to consider is paying close attention to the question and answer section on Google My Business. We’ve seen where customers will ask the public a question on the listing and either another viewer will respond, or the company will respond.

This is the time of the year to really pay attention to what is happening with Google My Business listings. Feel free to reach out to Upright-Tire if you have questions about your listing!

An example of the question and answer feature:



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