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7 Unannounced Google My Business Updates

It’s a little-known secret in the online marketing industry that Google will make updates without announcements. It keeps our jobs very exciting… almost like a never-ending treasure hunt. Thanks to our fellow search engine optimization friends at Search Engine Land, we are aware of 7 unannounced updates to Google My Business listings. This is important folks so get ready to take notes!

  1. Google is starting to show local pack ads on mobile devices.
    1. This is good for anyone who has pay-per-click campaigns but it stiffens the competition for those who are not taking part of paid advertisement on Google.
  2. 18 months of data can be accessed from Insights in Google My Business dashboard.
    1. Let’s have a cheer for more insights for local listings! This is awesome, my friends. The more data the better! Cheers!
  3. Snack Pack offerings to more industries in the USA
    1. What we are trying to say here is that Google now shows images for certain industries instead of images of their website or logo. For example, a jewelry store will have images of merchandise instead of an image of their logo.
  4. Google removed pending edits
    1. This makes it harder for spammers to spam listings. Edits will only be shown once they are published instead of once they are pending.
  5. Google Maps desktop allows edits of business hours
    1. All Local Guides will now have the option to edit business hours and possibly more edits in the future. This is a minor replacement for the removal of MapMaker.
  6. Google removes classic version of Google Plus
    1. Google Plus and Google My Business got a …divorce. Now we use Google Plus for postings and less for listing information.
  7. Google removed permanently closed listings from local finder
    1. Bravo, Google! This is awesome! When a business closes it will now vanish after a short time instead of being marked as permanently closed. This is great for businesses who change ownership, name, relocate, etc.

Upright Tire is always on a treasure hunt to make sure we are up to date with Google updates. Google is the most used search engine and it’s our job to make sure the businesses we manage stay in the light of Google. Count on Upright Tire to help with your online marketing needs. Contact us today for a 15-minute chat on how we can help you!

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