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6 Quick Tips to Sell More Tires

Do you want to sell more tires? Then this blog post is for you!

Upright Tire is always on a mission to think of new ways to help you sell more tires. These six tips should help your shop sell more tires and build loyal relationships with customers. At the end of the day, loyal relationships with customers and employees is what keeps your business running. The best part about these six tips that we’ve put together is that the cost is relatively low.

6 quick tips to sell more tires:

  1. Offer incentives so that every customer wants to feel like they received a good deal. Offer incentives such as reward points, or check-in points to create value for each time they visit the shop. For example, 10 points could equal $10 off an oil change.
  2. As mentioned, customers love a great deal. Offering a 20% discount on competitor pricing will help create a returning customer and they’ll want to make sure that they receive the best deal and you’ll get to beat the competitor!
  3. Encourage your staff to sell more tires. Employees appreciate a reward for hard work and they’ll work even harder for you if you offer them a free lunch, the chance to leave early or let them pick their shift schedule. Whoever sells the most tires in a month could get a special gift!
  4. Do your part to educate customers on what they’re buying. Explain to them why oil changes are needed or why rotating tires is important. Sure, they know that they’re supposed to get their oil change and tires rotates but let them know that the service they elected to get done on their vehicle will help prolong the life of their vehicle. This will also help create a conversation with the customer and establish a relationship.
  5. Be prepared for every sale by offering a variety of options. Keeping a nice selection of items in stock will help you close any deal. If a customer has to wait for their tires because you have to order them, you risk the customer finding the tires in stock at another location.
  6. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Make sure your establishment looks like a tire shop. Place promotional material around the shop, thank you cards from customers and display tires out front to draw customers inside the door.

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