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5 Ways to ‘Rev’ Up Sales!

Who doesn’t want to rev up their sales?  Tire Review, which I read weekly and sometimes even daily, has come up with 5 easy ways to leverage your staff and step up those sales for tires and auto service.

  1. Hire sales people on the basis of ability – not knowledge of the auto industry. This fact somewhat surprised me, but then again I don’t work in your industry and I’m always learning. They say that a good sales person can almost always learn about the products you sell, but a knowledgeable person on tires, may not always be a good salesperson.
  2. Converse regularly with your sales staff. You may not always have time to interact with customers on a daily basis because you’re so involved in the back end of things, but your sales stuff does! Ask them questions on what commonalities there are with customers on a day-to-day basis.  They may have great ideas about how your business can increase sales.
  3. Profit margin (profits earned to total sales) vs. revenue – Tire Review suggests that you should consider basking your salespeople’s commission on profit margin and not just sales revenue or volume. How many of you think this is a sound idea? Are you already doing this?  Does it work for you and your company?
  4. Make sure your team supports all sales activities. When salespeople need quotes, provide those quotes quickly. When they have technical questions, be easily reachable.
  5. Review your sales staff’s ‘sales to sales-expense ratio.’ A salesperson may make $4,000 in sales during a month, but spend $1,000 in phone calls, travel and other pertinent expenses. Another salesperson might also make $4,000 in sales, but spend only $600. The latter is more profitable to your operation.

Do you have ideas to share that have helped you rev up tire and auto service sales in 2015?  Be sure to share with your account manager.  We’re always here to help!

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