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4 Website Ranking Myths

In the world of search engine optimization, there are a handful of myths that float around the industry. The reason why there are so many myths is largely that ranking factors are not published by search engines. If they were, it would be a playbook of intense competitiveness.

We decided to dive into 4 website ranking myths that are common in our industry and bring them to surface.

  1. The age of your website matters. Well, at one point in the world of SEO the age of your website played a BIG part in ranking. Since a lot of updates, changes and evolve of the industry, that doesn’t seem to play a direct impact on your site. It will take time for Google and other search engines to index the pages on your site but the biggest factor is the quality of your site.
  2. Social media share counts of your web page. Let’s say that you have a web page (more than likely a blog/article) that has 5,000 shares and the counter is on the page. Google doesn’t care too much if that page has that number of shares. Google cares more about the content of the page and the placement of the keyword phrases. Besides, that counter could be a bot.
  3. Only use prime hosting for results. Poor hosting can impact your site sped which would directly impact your ranking but the hosting provider (if it is poor or high quality) doesn’t directly impact your site.
  4. It’s important to use certain character separations in the title elements. Google and other search engines are rather intuitive and they have developed over the years. Sure, at one point in time it may have been better to use a : instead of a – in tag elements but in this day in age Google doesn’t seem to care which you choose. The key here is to use your title elements for best SEO practices. Here is an example: Brand name : phrase : city and state

There seems to be one common factor with all of these myths and that boils down to quality. Quality of a site is so important and we can’t emphasize that aspect enough. Quality of content, quality of page speed, quality of plugins, etc. Upright-Tire is all about quality and if you want to sell more tires and you need a quality website then you know who to turn to… us!

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