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4 Ways to Sell More Tires

With a new year just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to offer up some ideas that can help you sell more tires.  In addition to helping with your online marketing efforts, we also constantly research the tire industry to help better serve you.  Below are 4 EASY ways to sell more tires at your shop in 2016.

Offer Incentives

Every customer wants to feel like they got a great deal (I mean I’ve definitely been there before too where I’m hoping for some type of incentive for a large purchase)! Consider offering your customers incentives to help convince them to buy the tires from your shop. In our research, many customers tend to buy two tires instead of four if they feel they can’t afford the purchase or think that they can slide by for a few months without buying a full set.  An idea would be to offer customers a service gift card to buy all four tires or if you have a rewards program, offer to add value to their rewards card that they can use at their next visit.


Fight the Competition with Solid Offers

We know you’re better than your competitors, but do your new customers? Consider offering extra goodies to entice customers to buy their tires at your store! Try offering limited free balancing and alignment for a certain period of time, or even for the life of the tires (some of you guys already do that). A warranty or roadside hazard program also helps to sell more tires (some of you guys do this too);   Remember, customers are more likely to purchase tires if they know that you can help them if they have issues later on.


Educate Customers Better


You know the saying, ‘an educated customer is our best customer’ – well it’s true! Unfortunately, most customers don’t often understand tires or what a good set of tires can do for their vehicle, i.e. save money on gas, help keep their family safer, plus more! Be sure to educate your customers without being pushy in the name of selling more tires. If you need a supporting document to share with your customer, encourage them to the go to the ‘Resources’ area on your website where they can learn the latest about tires! This will help convince them that new tires are a great idea for their vehicle.


Empower Your People to Sell

We’ve mentioned this idea before…An incentive program is a great way to boost tire sales at your shop.  Consider holding a contest for your tire salesmen that rewards them for selling the most tires in any given period.  It offers a healthy way for your employees to maintain some fun competition, thus benefiting the shop. It also will help motivate your employees to perform better in tire sales.  We have a dealer that offers incentives for online reviews & you’d be amazed at how many they get!


Do you have ideas to share with us that could help our tire dealer network?  Feel free to send them to your account manager.

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