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4 Ways to Earn Off Of Pokémon Go

We are sure you’ve heard of Pokémon Go. You may get annoyed hearing about it but we are here to help change your perspective that the annoyance Pokémon Go can actually help your business. Here are 4 tips to get the most out of Pokémon Go.

  • Choose a day to host a Poké-hunt.
    • The hunt could start at the front door of the shop and through the back area of the shop. You may want to host the hunt during slow hours or near closing time. The hunt would attract people to the shop and while they are there you could do a free tire tread reading. If the tire tread is too low and poses a danger to the driver offer a 5% discount for new tires.
  • Promote Pokémon Go social media deals.
    • If users catch a Pokémon at your shop ask them to screenshot the Poké and offer them a small savings such as 5% off oil service. It will also alert other players of where they can capture other Pokémon’s.
  • Check for gym battle zones
    • If your shop is a Pokémon Go gym stop then advertise that winners will also get a special discount option. Gym battles are common and this will stir up a frenzy.
  • Host a lure party
    • A ‘lure module’ can be placed at PokéStops and will attract players to your shop. It’s a good way to bring in patrons and each lure is available for 30 minutes. You can buy lure modules for a few bucks.

Pokémon Go could offer you more exposure and why not take advantage of a trending game? It’s a win for you and a win for the players!

Count on Upright Tire for innovative ways to generate business ideas!

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