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4 Sales Strategies for 2015

Sales strategies constantly come and go without making a significant impact on business outcomes. However, on the other hand, rock-hard strategies can make a significant difference in what happens. Here are four sales strategies that can have a positive impression on your company’s performance in 2015.  It’s the time to be thinking about what techniques you and your employees need to be focusing on come the New Year!

1. Manage prospects effectively.The mishandling of prospects can often lead to a huge rift in the sales funnel. Prospects are either dropped too soon or completely disappear due to lack of follow-up!

Like your current customers, potential prospects deserve the same type of managing.  Sure, some change their minds, some aren’t ready to buy, and there’s a few that just need encouragement. It may take more work, but with consistent follow-up, you can get the right message across.

2. Get people talking about Y-O-U.You’ve heard ‘referrals are the highest compliment’. Yet, for most, referrals are really hard to come by.

Getting legitimate referrals means being a continuing presence in the minds of customers & prospects.  It’s easy to ask for a referral from a happy customer as they’re leaving but often they might forget.  Provide them with a business card that asks for a referral, put it on the bottom of your receipts, spread the word on social media… among lots of other ways!  Be out in your community and let the customers know how much you appreciate their business.

3. Get on the responsiveness train.We know that you’re constantly putting out fires and are always on the go-go-go! Problems get immediate action. What about when there isn’t a brush fire to put out? Specifically, voicemail messages, emails, deadlines — the list might pretty long.  If you’re unable to manage all those, have your trusted manager help you out!  Responsiveness is key when you want customers to keep coming back for more.  They feel even more appreciated as a customer if you get back to them right away.

4. Think like a customer.It’s not only difficult for business owners to think like their customers, but many don’t even know where to start.

For consumers, neither what they buy nor the cost is the issue (for the most part). What’s important for owners & managers to recognize is that when a customer makes a purchase – it’s a big investment – no matter the price.  It’s almost as if the customer is like ‘hey, I worked for this money, please see that it’s treated as hard earned cash’!

Whether it’s a friendly smile, you asking about their family or even saying ‘thank you for trusting us with your investment’ – the message is the same: the customer recognizes that you’re trying to think like a customer.

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