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3 Tips to Succeed at E-Mail Marketing!

3 Tips to Succeed at E-Mail Marketing!

E-mail marketing is a great way to build a relationship with your customers. It’s a simple way to share expert knowledge and advice to make their lives easier. In our case, we share tips about tires, driving safety and much more on your behalves. Customers are turning to you, the tire dealer, for a solution for their tires, auto repairs or auto services issues. When the customer has a problem, we want you to be their resource to solve it.

Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your e-mail campaign:

  1. Provide useful information
    1. Give the readers something they may not know. Sharing interesting facts with the users will leave a lasting impression. For example, many people may not know that tires lose about 2% of tire pressure with every 10 degrees decrease.
  2. Be their friend
    1. Customers will have a better connection with you if they feel like you are friends with them and they don’t feel like ‘just another patron’. Wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and let them know you appreciate their business. Close the gap between paying customer and friend. You can do this easily by not trying to sell something each time you come in contact.
  3. Paint the picture
    1. Creating a small infographic or picture will help the reader comprehend the message you are trying to send. Let’s be honest, people would rather see a nice visual than reading a check list of items. Our goal is to connect with them, not overwhelm them.

E-Mail marketing is the modern way for newsletter mailers. We are all making a turn to become more virtual and e-mail marketing is taking the place of paper mailers. Don’t feel the need to send a virtual newsletter every day or even once a week, once a month will do the trick. The goal is to build relationships with our customers not turn them against us.

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