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3 Easy to Follow Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As you know, we are positively crazy about online marketing and how we can help your business succeed!  In today’s blog, we bring you 3 simple marketing tips that you can help with:

Pay attention – as you know, we are always on the lookout for online feedback regarding your business.  When you do get a review or someone starts an online conversation regarding your shop – no matter whether it’s good or bad feedback, it’s important to pay attention!  Sure, sometimes the person may be a little nutty (their review may have no merit), but often times it’s a good exercise for us to read what is being said.

In-person networking – Small Business Trends advises local business owners to get out into the community and see people.  Use your spot in the community to your advantage to get your name out there.  In addition (as many of you already do), sponsoring local events is another good avenue to today when you want to get the community well acquainted with your business.

Pens – A gal over at Tire Business, Jennifer Karpus-Romain firmly believes in the power of pens!  She says that although our world is more technically advanced, we will always need writing instruments in our everyday lives.   Jennifer suggests that you get a batch of pens with your business name and number (or website!!!) on it and share it with your customers and even shop employees! Giving away simple (inexpensive) things that everyone needs is key!

For other marketing tips and techniques, contact us.  We’re always here to listen to your ideas and provide feedback.

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