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2020 Predictions for Online Reputation Management

….According to our friends at Search Engine Land & some of our personal predictions sprinkled in there too!

I love a good prediction! I don’t know about you but when the weathermen(women) get it ‘right’ and it actually snows enough to get school canceled, I get really excited for them (and for myself back in the day too, unless gym class was that day and then I was bummed)! Or when someone predicts the outcome of the World Series. Despite not enjoying baseball (though the hot dogs and peanuts are great!), I still LOVE to read stories of people who got it ‘right’ and won big money or earned well-deserved recognition. 

While our profession, SEO, seems as difficult to predict as the weather some days as far as forecasts and trends go, we do feel confident that some of these reputation management guesses will come into fruition as we settle into 2020. What do you think? We all know that our online reputation can be a deal breaker when it comes to a potential customer, but will 2020 be the year that makes it more difficult to manage? Or will we have some further opportunities to help you shine!? 

Oh and just for fun, what do you like to predict? I’d say for me… It’s the weather (I was the ‘weather girl’ in preschool), Super Bowl winner predictions, celebrity breakups (I know what you’re thinking…), seasonal fashion trends (yup, we’ll be seeing crochet, I’m excited, oh and certainly last but not least, predictions made a long time ago and seeing if they’ve come true that year. I.e. 2020 predictions from decades ago

Any who, that was fun, but let’s take a look at some of our 2020 reputation management predictions. Because, well, we’re at work and we gotta stay on task! 

  • SEO will continue to be even more difficult for improving and controlling online reputations

Aspects of reputation are now search ranking factors, so SEO folks need to pay even more attention to reputational elements as part of ‘big picture’ optimization efforts.

  • Social media profiles will continue to grow in importance for one’s online identity

Not only do well-developed and actively-maintained social media profiles tend to rank higher in search engine results, but users seek them out to better understand what the business is all about. 

  • Business review monitoring will become easier and hopefully less costly

There are now multiple companies that provide some degree of review monitoring services across multiple review sites and for multiple business locations. Whereas it was once hard to find a reputable company or it was super costly, is now consistent & affordable! 

  • Crisis communications will rise as an even more important strategy (as opposed to ignoring negative reviews)

Responding to negative feedback with integrity and conveying genuine concern can make all the difference. It’s not only about addressing the customer, but it’s also relaying to other readers who happen to read your reply, that you are a company that actually cares.  

  • Proactive online reputation management becomes more important than ever

As the internet became the go-to source for information about everything, one’s internet reputation became more important than ever. That trend has only increased over time, and one can declare 2020 as truly the moment when one’s internet reputation now outweighs nearly every other information source. As such, proactive online reputation management is now vital.’ – Search Engine Land

Snippet from Search Engine Land that Upright Tire really appreciates & supports…(We donated to RAINN this past Christmas, the nations largest anti-sexual violence organization).

‘As a sort of “bonus” prediction, the #MeToo Movement blew up in a massive way in 2019 — one can easily predict that this trend will continue to grow, and there seems little to stifle it. In the sense that bad behavior deserves to be called out, and that people should feel empowered to speak out against harassment and abuse, the #MeToo movement is a good thing. In this information age and time of growing, ubiquitous surveillance, it is harder to hide bad behavior, and people’s own actions will out them, more and more. So, expect the awareness created through the #MeToo movement to empower many people to speak out and publicize moments when they are mistreated, and these reports will affect individuals and institutions that are called-out. As people are aware of this societal shift, also expect organizations to become increasingly diligent about improving their policies for dealing with such claims, and responding to the reputational damage fallout. We already see this when companies rapidly suspend those accused, pending investigations, and fire those found to be in noncompliance with corporate policies.’

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