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Monthly Archives: April 2016

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Create Loyal Relationships with Customers

We often get emails from dealers asking for tips on things they can do to bring in business during the slow season. We have a handful of ideas but our go-to suggestion is always the same, tell past customers ‘thank you.’ A simple ‘thank you for your business’ call will  Read more »

Good, Fast, Cheap – Pick 2!

I was having a conversation last night about how hard it is to find quality craftsmen for jobs like interior painting for your home and how you really shouldn’t hire those that are inexpensive in price because they aren’t always the most thorough.  That’s when a phrase was brought to  Read more »

Standout Among the Crowd!

The internet is saturated with businesses vying for the attention of potential customers. Whether users are searching on the Internet for a local business or a piece of art for their home, the competition is fierce.  However, it helps when you have an SEO company working with you to make  Read more »