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Monthly Archives: October 2015

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3 Easy to Follow Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As you know, we are positively crazy about online marketing and how we can help your business succeed!  In today’s blog, we bring you 3 simple marketing tips that you can help with: Pay attention – as you know, we are always on the lookout for online feedback regarding your  Read more »

Guiding Users to Your Shop

Guiding Users to Your Shop

Most of the time users are searching the internet for answers to their problems. For example, a user may need tires, therefore, they’ll search ‘tires’ with their zip code. From there they’ll see a handful of listings and they’ll visit those sites. They’ll scroll through those sites to determine which  Read more »

Why Having A Duplicate Website is Bad, VERY Bad!

Just yesterday, one of our dealers called us asking about a domain they just discovered that had their logo, video, store information and even the same content from their current website, yet they didn’t know how it was created in the first place.  After talking about it, researching it and  Read more »