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Monthly Archives: October 2014

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Spooky Sounds and Other Vehicle Goblins

Doors that creak, brakes that shriek, a motor that moans and groans and a haunted radio that only sometimes works are sounds made for an automotive horror movie. If these goblins are ignored they are likely to become louder and potentially dangerous for you and your passengers. Don’t let your  Read more »

Social Media Icons!

Social Media Icons!

I have two questions for you…. 1) Do you have social media accounts for your business            2) Are those icons on your site? My hopes are that you said, yes and yes, my fear is that you said a yes and no combination. There are  Read more »

SEO Math 101: Simplifying Why Local SEO is Relevant

Here at Upright we are passionate about helping provide Local SEO to our small business clients, many of which have become friends throughout their duration with our company! Still, many of our friends just don’t understand why, when they pay, their site does not show up at the top of  Read more »