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Monthly Archives: September 2014

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Google Is Not Calling

Written by: Colleen Frye “Hello, (enter your name mispronounced here.) Did you know that your Google Listing is not claimed or shows errors? We’d like to help….” Just recently we read a perfect article by Tire Review, explaining that Google really isn’t the one calling you when the person on  Read more »

The New Pinterest Analytics Tool!

The New Pinterest Analytics Tool!

Written by: Jenn Johnson You may have remembered in our post Inside Scoop on Social Media Material that we mentioned Upright Tire has a Pinterest account. We shed light as to how we use our Pinterest page and our main goals behind the account. The account managers use Pinterest in  Read more »

How to Protect your Tires and Wheels from Theft

Written By: Sarah Martisek How to Protect Your Tires and Wheels from Theft Wheel and tire thefts are widely reported and a common problem for many car owners but do you know if your car is at risk? A car thief can remove one tire within 16 seconds as seen  Read more »

Hotel Customer Service and Your Business

Written by: Colleen Frye Many of you have probably had the experience in your life where you stayed at a hotel that had outstanding customer service. They greeted you with a smile on their face, got you checked in quickly and brought you anything you needed during your stay with  Read more »