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Five Ways to Prepare for Obstacles of Owning a Business

As a business owner, obstacles will be inevitable throughout the entire lifetime of your business – it’s practically unavoidable. There are so many external factors that are largely out of your control. However, internal efforts can be made to pad against harsh repercussions that could potentially lead to your business  Read more »

Recognizing Your Employees!

I happily just celebrated my 15th anniversary with Upright Communications (Upright Tire) just this month! And as I celebrated my successes, it prompted me to think about all the ways that we can be celebrating our employees when they reach epic milestones (or even 90 day ones! Celebrating anything is  Read more »

Top Five Tips for Responding to Negative Reviews

Negative reviews happen to the best of us. Whether a customer has a bad day, one of your employees has a bad day, service is too slow, or any other extraneous factor, these are reasons that may cause your business to receive a negative review. Don’t fret – a negative  Read more »

Top Mindsets to Bring into 2021 as a Local Business

After quite a crazy and unexpected 2020, there are many local businesses still reeling from its effects. So, if you made it to this New Year, we want to share our happiest congratulations with you. You did an amazing job! Keep this momentum going and shift your mindset towards positive  Read more »

Three Major Tips to Stand Out Against Your Local Competitors

In today’s society, many industries have become oversaturated, providing consumers with the option to choose where they want to spend their money. More options inevitably create more competition. Not to fear, there are several tips you can integrate into your business plan with relative ease. Strong Online Presence According to  Read more »

Google Testing ‘Call History’ Feature

Google My Business is testing a new feature called ‘Call History’. This new service is designed to help businesses see and respond to missed calls coming from Google Search & Maps. It’s available to a select group of folks and looks like you have to opt-in if it’s something that  Read more »

Four Video Ideas to Include on Your Website

Watching online videos for product, service, and general business information has vastly increased in popularity in the last decade. According to a survey conducted by Wyzowl at the end of last year, 84% of its 656 respondents “say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a  Read more »

SEO Became Best in a Year of Worsts

I remember this day like it was yesterday… I’ve had a lot of life changes as of late and I’m really adulting as they say, like I mean really adulting (exhausting!) and I say to my mom in early January…’Mom, this is gonna be the best year of my life…I  Read more »

How You Can Show Proper Social Media Etiquette 

In today’s society, social media can be an intimidating place to participate in. A lot of business owners are worried about how their message could be received and the repercussions of a misunderstood message. People can often get so fixated on not wanting to be misunderstood that they stay out  Read more »

Ways to Give Back

I don’t know about you, but I can say I’m thoroughly drained from hearing about COVID-19 stuff – here I am writing it in the first sentence of this blog. Ugh, sorry! Between the news (which is almost comical at this point) & the ‘Debby downer’ chatter that ensues with  Read more »