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Accurate Google My Business Listing is Key this Holiday Season

Written by Jenn Johnson Local listings have and always will be important but they are extra important during the holiday season. The most popular listing service on the internet is Google My Business listings. If you are a client of ours, do not worry, we’ve already taken care of claiming,  Read more »

New Study: Drop in Consumers Visiting Websites after Reading Reviews

Written by: Colleen Frye Original article supplied by BrightLocal BrightLocal is a service we use that specializes in local search tools & they perform a variety of surveys to allow SEO’s like us to get a better understanding of why consumers do what they do. They recently did a survey  Read more »

Is Your Business Using Facebook Messenger?

Written by: Jenn Johnson Is Your Business Using Facebook Messenger? Facebook has 2 billion active users. Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest messaging services with more than 1.2 billion users. That’s billion… with a b! That is a lot of people, folks. Let us ask you again, is your  Read more »

Book Now on Google My Business

Written by: Colleen Frye New Google My Business Feature Alert! Rolling out to businesses just like you over the next several months. Back in July, Google started adding ‘booking buttons’ to some local business results. As they’ve seen successes with the ‘test group’ of businesses, we are seeing that Google  Read more »

4 Website Ranking Myths

Written by Jenn Johnson In the world of search engine optimization, there are a handful of myths that float around the industry. The reason why there are so many myths is largely that ranking factors are not published by search engines. If they were, it would be a playbook of  Read more »

How Google Posts Impact Your SEO

Written by: Colleen Frye As ya’ll know, Google has rolled out a new feature that we’re utilizing for your business! The point of Google Posts is to highlight either a rebate you’re running, a service you’d like to better promote or an event ya’ll are hosting. It’s the perfect way  Read more »

3 Tips to Improve Rankings on Google

Written by: Jenn Johnson One of the most important elements of online marketing is ranking on Google and other search engines. Does your listing pop up first when someone Googles one of your services in your area? If not, we need to make that happen! There are over 200 ranking  Read more »

Users Can Upload Videos to Google Maps Listings

Written by: Colleen Frye New feature roll out on Google Maps! This is a test roll-out currently being offered to ‘Local Guides on Android devices’….so a very small audience at this moment. But we think this is something you need to be made aware of & could play a larger  Read more »

Rev Up Your Google My Business Listing

Written by: Jenn Johnson Time and time again we stand on our rooftops and shout the important of a Google My Business listing. We’ve covered this a handful of times in blog posts such as this one and this one. Today, we are talking about how you can really rev  Read more »

The Importance of Videos For Your Business

Written by: Colleen Frye As we had mentioned in our newsletter awhile back, 2017 is the year of the video! Videos not only provide necessary information to the user in an easy to understand format, but they also help better support the website! The goal of a video rollout for  Read more »