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About Us

Tires Web SiteUpright Communications started in 1996 when the clients that we provided traditional advertising services for decided they wanted a website. So, we learned how to build websites and host them on the Internet. Our clients said “that’s nice, but nobody can find it”, so we learned search engine optimization. Then they said “how do we know it’s really working”, so we developed our own proprietary tracking software to prove it does and the rest is history!

It sounds easy, but it really wasn’t. We went through a lot of trial and error, took a lot of classes, sat through a bunch of training sessions and had our growing pains. But the truth is we’re still at it almost two decades later because we learned our lessons and we keep bringing good people into the organization to help keep us sharp. You’ll get to know our whole Upright family over time and we hope to meet yours.

Tires Web SiteIn the meantime, you let us worry about how many times Google changes the algorithm or how often technology changes…we can handle it. You just focus on selling tires.

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Tires Web Site